Blue River

You can find this for sale at Etsy

The design on this canvas is one of a kind. It is 12in X 12in X 0.75in and is not framed. This piece of art is composed of hues of black, purple, copper and gold flowing across a cobalt type blue background background. It bubbles with vibrant and bold colors. It’s one of my favorite color combinations so far! It will never be replicated, so you own a unique piece of art.*
There is texture to the paint, and it has been finished with a semi gloss satin spray varnish.

I am available for custom commissions. Please check out my website ( or send me a message. Each commission takes 2-3 weeks to complete.

Please note, this picture is taken with a Canon camera, to ensure color accuracy. However, due to different media screens, the colors may appear darker or lighter than photographed.

This picture is on a high quality stretched canvas. It has been signed in the back.

Thanks to WallApp for the room image.

*Some paintings may be reproduced as prints.